A Tale of Two Birthdays

Thirty years ago today, a mother of an infant girl stood in line with borrowed money in hand to register the birth of her daughter who was born more than a month ago on November 5th. Reeling from the recent bankruptcy of the family business, she could not find the money for the birth registration. But she and her husband could wait no longer because if they did, their daughter will be held back a year in school. They had to get it done before the year’s end.

This is how my tale of two birthdays began. I was born on November 5th, but all my official papers say December 27th. Most people that know me know that I have two birthdays, but few know exactly why. Now the whole world knows.

This is my modern-day rags-to-riches tale. I don’t often consider myself as a rich person, but when put in perspective of from whence I came and compared to most of the world’s population I indeed am rich and blessed beyond measures. The immeasurable blessings seems to have poured out all the more this year. In 2012, I finished law school, passed the Texas bar exam, started a great job I enjoy going to daily, and passed the patent bar exam just yesterday. I also finally escaped an unhealthy and unholy relationship that lasted much too long. I have learned great life lessons and redoubled my devotion to Christ. That–finding again the everlasting treasure–was the best of blessings I could ask for that I didn’t. It’s a good thing that He knows what I need and gives it even when I don’t ask for it.

The first thirty years of my life have been a great ride. I don’t feel any different, but the big 3-0 is a milestone. I’d like to celebrate that milestone with this song I’ve enjoyed for a good while now. Here’s to another thirty ahead (Lord willing).