Advice to 1Ls – Part III (Steve)

Next up, we have Steve. He wanted to know more about what it is like to be in the evening program.

Hi, my name is Steve and I am going to attend SMU in the coming year as a Part-Time student. I just wanted to get feedback from a 1L in the Part-Time program. How helpful are the other students? Do you feel its very cut-throat and super competitive? Or are the students more willing to help each other out? How supportive are the professors as well?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I am so sorry for the delay in reply. I actually started writing a very lengthy reply message last week. Then I hit the “back” button accidentally and lost all of that. 😦 With that I lost motivation to continue especially in light of the final exam season. Lame excuses. Anywho….

First off, congratulations on your acceptance. The part-time evening program has quite a different feel to it than the day program. We are far from those uber-competitive people. But it will largely depend on the actual composition of your class. There are always those people that can’t look beyond themselves and their own interest, but our class has very friendly, cordial people. If you miss a day, you can easily find someone who would be willing to share notes with you.

I have not particularly sought out professors’ help, but the ones I had were very much interested in student success and were willing to answer questions in class, after class, via email or hold office hours.

If you have any more questions, ask away. I promise to be a little more prompt in my response next time. 🙂



Short and simple (since the last post was so lengthy).


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