Of Destress and Distress

First semester of law school was no walk in the park, but I managed fairly well. That was both good news and a bad news. Good news: I proved to myself that I’ve got future in this business. Bad news: I am not giving it 100% this semester, thinking to myself ‘I’ve got this…”

Spring Break has arrived. A time to destress for most college students across the country. A time to unwind and recharge. But not for law students. Not the first-years, at least. It is a time for distress – researching, brief writing, reading, more reading, reviewing, outlining… did I mention reading?

I have come to a perturbing realization yesterday that there are only 6 weeks of Spring Semester remaining. With that, I came immediately out of my “funk” that I have been in for the past two months. Time to buckle down and ensure that I do not get ran over by my colleagues who have been diligently working while I slumbered.