Update – Part II


I know… the update is way overdue. My sincere apologies. Law school has been keeping me off the streets and out of trouble, which is good, but it has also kept me from staying in touch with my beloved fans.

Despite the fact that I am in the part-time evening program, I am at school 10 A.M. until 9 P.M. on most days (at least Monday through Thursday). I’ve made several friends, two with whom I have been labeled as “partners in crime”. I was looking for people with similar study habits as mine, and God has blessed me abundantly in that department.

One thing I’ve noticed after 5 weeks of classes is that I’ve never read so much in my life. And it does not help that I’m a slow reader. I’ve heard rumors prior to coming to law school that law students have this strange affinity for large assortment of highlighters – all the colors of the rainbow and then some. I resisted initially not wanting to fit into the mold, but not too far into the semester I succumbed to the temptations. I never leave home without my yellow, orange, green, pink, and blue highlighters. My textbooks look like coloring books. At times, I feel like I’m back in 2nd grade. Now, if only the reading assignments resembled a little more like 2nd grade… [sigh]

Another observation I’ve made is that I am surrounded by uber-geeks. These are the best and the brightest students that comprised the crème de la crème of undergraduate institutions across the continent (and some across the globe), who have triumphed over the hazing event called the LSAT and the arduous application process to land a coveted seat in a respected law school. And they’re good lookin’, too. Some people have it all… I often feel under-qualified to be around these kids. Sometimes I feel like I pulled a fast one on the admissions committee. But I’ve found some common grounds with my fellow classmates in our ability to make the most obscure law-related jokes. 🙂 I just hope that I don’t do this when I go back home and return to the real world.

Other information that may be of interest:

* In undergrad, you were the cool kid if you never read your assignment but still passed the class. In law school, you’re revered if you’ve read ahead for a week, read supplemental study-aid material, and memorized the corresponding law prior to attending class. You may be chastised as the curve setter, but they’ll still revere you.
* Texas is like a foreign nation. You can legally shoot trespassers on your property if there is reasonable suspicion that they are engaged in a mischievous activity.
* Summer in Dallas = continual sogginess. Autumn in Dallas = temptation to ditch class and enjoy the outdoors.
* Bugs in Dallas area are very stealth – you don’t hear the (INSERT MOSQUITO SOUND HERE) noise.
* Pillow-topped mattress and alarm clock cancels each other out.
* Chick-Fil-A = manna from heaven.
* The broken couch situation has been rectified and I have not had any further problems since. I have not lost all faith in IKEA just yet!


Blog Neglect

It’s been too long. I will go ahead and blame it on law school. And Facebook to some degree.

Since I wasted 2 of the 3-day weekend, I must go read for contracts, yet I wanted to share my thought of the moment with y’all.

When your beliefs, your thoughts, your words and your actions are not in accord with one another, how would you describe it in one word? Hypocrisy. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. Ooooh, that hurts.