When I grow up…

…I want to work for the United Nations – under any number of it’s many entities: UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR, etc. or in any field related to international law and human rights. But there is one little problem. Language requirement.

Great many of positions in UN requires you to be fluent in English plus another official UN language: French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, or Russian. Damn. I shouldn’t have taken German in high school & college.

So I must prepare myself for my future dream job by learning a new language. I’m thinkin’ French. If I had a choice, I would love to learn Italian, but that option has not been presented before me.

I came upon French by process of elimination. Arabic & Russian seem way too foreign and difficult in my mind. Chinese is spoken by over a billion people, but it also has nearly as many characters in its written language. I need to learn a language is four years, and a billion characters (though slightly exaggerated) is too many to memorize.

So I am down to French and Spanish. Hmmm. I could go either way, really. It depends on where I want to work. If I want to work in South/Central American and some Southeast Asian regions, Spanish is definitely going to be more helpful. But I think I prefer African or European regions. But then again, Spanish will come in handy if I want to work in legal clinics while in school. Perhaps I’ll pick up some Spanish living in Texas. I don’t know… but I’m going with French for now. If I master it quickly enough, maybe I’ll add on Spanish later.

Thus I’ve added Rosetta Stone French Level 1, 2, & 3 on my “Wishlist” (to the right). If anyone has $550 to spare, that’s on the top of my coveted items list right now.


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