Bill Maher & "Religulous"

My life has been preoccupied with packing for the move lately. But to the much chagrin of my mother, I have been delaying the process and taking up a large corner of the living room with several large bags, boxes, and piles.

Today, I had the resolve to finish the task I’ve begun last week, got up at 7:30 am – an ungodly hour for me – and started filling boxes. It’s not even noon yet, and I’m back again, on my computer, avoiding packing via blogging. But believe it or not, this is important. I found something so disturbing that I must share it with my loyal readers out there. (Are you really out there, though? Haven’t heard from you in a while…)

YouTube, while it can be a fabulous wealth of useful information, can be a detriment to your time. Before you know it, you’ve sat in front of a computer screen for hours, clicking away at the related videos. Well, that’s what I was doing instead of packing. What started with a video about law schoo (go figure), ended up with Bill Maher and his new full-length feature film, “Religulous,” scheduled for U.S. release on October 3, 2008. But I’m getting ahead of myself…


Bill Maher. He’s funny. He seems to carry on a very intellectually charged discussions on his show, “Politically Incorrect.” Sure he can be offensive at times, but he gets conversations going – sometimes very angry rebuttals. He thrives on controversy, and I had no problem of letting him do what floated his boat; he wouldn’t be the first nor the only one – just look at Fox News or Comedy Central.

Back to my story
While perusing the selection of gazillion clips on law school on YouTube, I ran across one in which Bill Maher was blasting the Regent Law School. FYI, the Regent Law School is a part of Regent University founded by Pat Robertson (a televangelist), of whom Maher is not a big fan. You can watch the clip to get a better idea, if you choose.

Then I came across this little clip, entitled “Bill Maher on Religion”:
(the first 10 seconds are black screen, it’s not your computer)

So I’m a fairy-tale believing irrationalist. Okay…

Then I came the link to this one, Bill Maher’s interview on Larry King Live:

A fable written before men knew about the existence of a germ or an atom… Hmmm.

And finally:

Now… I don’t even know what to say. Speechless, not necessary dumbfounded. I have plenty of rebuttals; I just don’t even know where to begin or if this is even worth my time. I’ll have to ponder on this… for now I must go back to packing.


One thought on “Bill Maher & "Religulous"

  1. I have no problem with him expressing his opinion, but I find it odd that he claims to be rational yet his entire act consists of emotional appeals in the form jokes based on assumptions and generalizations.

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