Thoughts on Study Aids

First year of law school can be intimidating – see me tremble…tremble…

All the students who are used to seeing A’s and B’s on their exams and transcripts go against each other, fighting to stay alive in the dog-eat-dog world of being graded on those ruthless curves. Law school representatives always say that the atmosphere on the campus is friendly and cordial, but can we really believe them? Don’t they get paid to say those nice things about their carnivorous students? Okay, perhaps I’m being a bit harsh.

Yet due to the pressure that amount to apprehension, students often rely on commercial study aids to help them through the rigors of 1-L courses. I went on a hunt to find out which are worth the paper they are printed on and which ones deserve their place in the pit of fire as kindlings. But someone beat me to the hunt.

Professor Joyce Savio Herleth, the Director of Academic Advising at Saint Louis University School of Law, shares her thoughts on the best use of study aids and which ones come highly recommend by both professors and students. These are not just nebulous, beat-around-the-bush type of advice. She offers specific brands and publishers as well as pros/cons of each. Definitely worth your time if you are lost in the sea of study aids available out there.

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