Update on the Law School Front

I received a very light-weight envelope in the mail from the University of Wisconsin today. I’ve seen enough mail from law schools by now to know whether it is an acceptance, waitlist/deferment, or a rejection. Undoubtedly, this one was a rejection. Sigh. But I’m alright, really. I’m happy to know that I will be going to law school somewhere come August.

Alas, I don’t know exactly where yet. We are now down to SMU and Arizona. For all the other acceptances and wait-lists, I have submitted withdrawal letters. But for some reason, I can’t seem to let go of the possibility of getting off of the wait-list and onto the admitted list for Arizona. Perhaps it’s the prospect of becoming neighbors with one of my best friends again (a nursing student at U of A). Or maybe I really don’t want to become a Texan. I have always wanted to travel the world, but Texas never has been among the top of my list of the foreign countries that I particularly wanted to visit. But I got to thinking, Jesus loves Texans, too, right?

I know I will have a fabulous time in Dallas should I decide to move there, but, for now, I wanted to roll my dice and test my luck with Arizona. I’ve never done well with gambling, but maybe my luck is turning. I’ve asked (via e-mail; I know, in person would have been better) my environmental law professor to write me a recommendation letter. We’ll see if he will oblige.

Keep those fingers crossed for me, all my silent readers! I know y’all (I’m half-way Texan already) are out there, but sometimes it’s hard to tell by the lack of comments. It get’s lonely folks, so do leave your two cents.


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