And we’re back…

Thesis: defended & approved, pending some revisions

Graduation: two more weeks to go

Law school: waitlisted by Arizona, still waiting on Wisconsin; at this rate, I may become a Texan (see previous post)

Dog: had some serious inter-digital swelling due to acute moist dermatitis on in his hind paw, spent $450 yesterday, terribly disoriented with a cone around his head

Miscellaneous: started packing my belongings; it will be nice to find out soon where I will be going with all those… things…


2 thoughts on “And we’re back…

  1. Yon!! I am so happy and relieved for you!! Shoot, Not gunna Lie I was getting a bit stressed when you had like 3 days left and were not done yet! And you got it approved.. I knew you would! Your smart and charming and witty! I BET you BLEW them away!!Now it’s on to Law school.. Yikes!

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