Poor blog – Pt. 2

It’s been twelve days since the last post. Yet I have made very little progress on my thesis. I might as well have been blogging the whole time. What is wrong with me? Where has all my mojo gone?

I’m on about page 20 for all y’all who are wondering where I’m at with the writing process. There is no minimum page limit, but I’m shooting for 50 at least. Which means I’ve got long ways to go.

As far as deciding where I will be living for the next three years, I am still waiting on five more schools to tell me whether I’m in or out. Should all those schools tell me ‘no’, I’m down to three schools:
1) University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
2) Indiana University (Indianapolis, IN)
3) Loyola University (Chicago, IL)

My mother, too, has been worried about hurricanes entirely on her own. I never told her about my fears, but today she tells me “isn’t Florida prone to hurricane damages? I better start praying…” Hopefully, I will get in elsewhere so that my mother doesn’t have to keep her eyes glued to the Florida forecast for the next three years.


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