That’d be me.

All of last week, I operated on a non-human sleeping pattern. I’d stay up all night doing homework, go to school/work around 10 AM, come home and pass out at 5 PM, get up around 11 PM or midnight, stay up all night and continue to do homework, midterm exam, work related reading or writing, etc. And the fact that I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays adds to my weird sleeping pattern.

I have tried with all my might to flip around my sleeping pattern – from that of nocturnal to diurnal. No success. During the daylight hours, I cannot focus well enough that I have trouble getting started let alone making progress on any sort of productive activities. Only after 10 PM can I muster up enough motivation and the courage to sit in front of my desk for a long duration.

It is now weekend. More so, it is Spring Break. And I am stuck with the ungodly sleeping pattern. And I’m blogging at 5:30 AM – not because I got up so early, but because I never went to bed last night. I think I’m going to now. And tomorrow, I am going to pray seriously about a miracle that is needed to change my sleeping pattern. It has got to stop.


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