Jesuit Law School

Pursuit of academic excellence
Acquisition of knowledge for the betterment of society
Care and concern of the individual
Preparation for public service

Sounds like an excellent (yet somewhat lofty) set of aspirations. These are the values cherished by Jesuit law schools. There are 14 of them across the Unites States.

And yes, they are Catholic. And no, I am not. Though I sincerely believe that Mary (the mother of Jesus) was an incredible woman of God, I refuse to believe that she was immaculately conceived. But that’s not the point of this post – that is for another time, at another place.

I have of late grown an appreciation of Jesuit law schools, especially for their focus on social justice. I’ve applied to several of them (Boston College, Loyola Univ. Chicago, Marquette Univ., Univ. of San Francisco, Santa Clara Univ., and Seattle Univ.). I’ve heard back from three of them thus far – all have been affirmative (praise the Lord!). Loyola Chicago was one of the first responses I’ve received, and it has since been at the top spot for where I may be heading in approximately four months.

Then Seattle offered me money. And I’m a sucker. Mainly because I will be attending law school entirely on borrowed money. The less debt I am in upon graduation, the easier it would be for me to take up a low-paying public interest job. Additionally, it would be closer to home. In my recent conversation with a friend, I had expressed that though the proximity to home is not my primary selection criteria for a law school, it would definitely be a plus. Lastly, I’d be able to attend a church that I have been a fan of for a long time.

So… Chicago or Seattle? I don’t know. I’m hoping that Boston College will send me an acceptance letter soon so that I don’t have to decide. I think my dog will be more forgiving of my relocation when he learns that I’ll be living in Newton, Massachusetts.

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