Application Update

16 down 20 more to go, 12 of which I am really waiting on.

Here are my stats thus far:
3 rejections
1 wait list (withdrawn now)
1 deferred (until April)
11 acceptances

I am still awestruck at the number of acceptances. Seriously. There is a reason why I applied to 36 schools. I was gravely afraid that no one would like me. I thought 152 on LSAT was a kiss of death to my application. To the contrary, I am now in a happy dilemma of having to choose among multiple schools that I really would not mind attending. A “we love you” letter from one of my top choice schools would make this a lot easier on me. Alas, the waiting game continues.

On Monday, I received an acceptance package that enticed me with an offer of merit-based scholarship. Need-base scholarships were somewhat expected – I am quite in need after all. But I was surprised to hear that they liked me enough to offer quite a selective scholarship. Yay!

At the beginning of all this, I had wanted to move far, far away. Since I must move anyways (due to the lack of a law school in the vicinity of my current residence), I thought I might as well go long. But now, I am growing fond of the idea that I might want to stay closer to home. Like San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle rather than Chicago, Dallas or Boston. Don’t get me wrong – an offer from the University of Chicago will have me packing up my stuff immediately. Yet I am increasingly realizing how much I will miss home – my family, my dog, my church, even the town itself.

With the tuition deposit deadlines quickly approaching, I must decide soon where I will be spending the next three years of my life. Hmm… My indecisiveness is going to be the end of me.

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3 thoughts on “Application Update

  1. Aw, you won’t be able to bring Sir Isaac with you? And, did you grow up in Reno? I did. If I ever leave, it will certainly be hard. These mountains have grown on me.

  2. I will have PTSD once I part my ways with Newton. I will have no one to spoon when I sleep. :(I grew up both in Reno (more accurately Sparks) and in Korea. I moved to Carson City when I was eleven, but my brief stint as a resident of the capital city was brief indeed.By the way, thanks for the comments. It was getting lonely here. For a while, I thought I might be just talking/writing to myself (which isn’t so bad either). It’s good to know that I have an audience. 😉

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