Just when I thought I was beyond rankings…

The new, 2009 U.S. News & World Report ranking of top law schools in the United States has been leaked. It is to hit the news stands on Friday (Mar. 28th), but the bootleg copy of the “purported” rankings is out on the loose. Here’s a PDF copy for the curious.

This leak is beautifully timed since several schools have seat deposits early April. Now I must go decide where to head next fall…

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Wishlist: Hurricane Insurance

There is a man that I long and desire to see every morning. Sometimes, I even dream about him. He is one of the main reasons why I wake up every morning. He is… the mail man.

Today, he left me another present in my mailbox. A big, white envelope from University of Florida – Fredric G. Levin College of Law. Yeeyah~… It was the first acceptance letter from a top-tiered school. I was beginning to yield to the idea that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for a school ranked higher than 50. I must disclaim that I’m not obsessed about getting in to highest ranked school possible. But I do concede that it was a nice self-esteem booster to get an acceptance letter to join the Gator Nation.

Univ. of Florida Law graduates happen to be among of the least indebted compared to law graduates across the nation (average total debt upon graduation is approximately $50,000). Now that is what I like to hear… 😉

One problem. Hurricanes. I’m not a big fan of rain. Call me crazy, but I like my belongings to be not soggy, especially after having resided in Nevada for 14 years.

Okay. Two problems. Hurricanes and non-metropolitan location. I wanted to move to a major city for several reasons:

  1. Public transportation: I am cheap and I am green (figuratively…). I wanted a big city where public transit system is developed well enough that I can get rid of my car and not have to worry about insurance, gas prices, carbon footprint, and, most importantly, vehicle maintenance. I have a feeling I’ll get ripped off by mechanics without my dad’s advice (and his mechanic friend).
  2. Cultural diversity: I love classical music, jazz, and theatres. I want a city with its own symphony and a ballet or opera company. I want to be able to see Broadway musicals or independent play productions. I want to be able to chill with some friends to a good jazz jam session. And I want cuisine of every sort at my disposal. What can I say? I like my food…
  3. Church home: I have always wanted to experience what it is like to be in a so called “mega-church.” Is it all it’s cracked up to be? But more importantly, I want to find a church where I can call home. I’ll miss Living Stones terribly, and they will undoubtedly be irreplaceable. But I will have to try my best to find somewhere to belong.
  4. Legal experience: I want a major city where there is a great need for serving the community with their legal problems. Public interest and social justice issues are big interests of mine, and I have a feeling I will have more opportunities to get my hands wet in a big city than a small suburb.

I guess that’s more than just two problem, eh?

I’ll have to do some thinking. Good thing I have until May 15th for UoF’s tuition deposit deadline…

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Jesuit Law School

Pursuit of academic excellence
Acquisition of knowledge for the betterment of society
Care and concern of the individual
Preparation for public service

Sounds like an excellent (yet somewhat lofty) set of aspirations. These are the values cherished by Jesuit law schools. There are 14 of them across the Unites States.

And yes, they are Catholic. And no, I am not. Though I sincerely believe that Mary (the mother of Jesus) was an incredible woman of God, I refuse to believe that she was immaculately conceived. But that’s not the point of this post – that is for another time, at another place.

I have of late grown an appreciation of Jesuit law schools, especially for their focus on social justice. I’ve applied to several of them (Boston College, Loyola Univ. Chicago, Marquette Univ., Univ. of San Francisco, Santa Clara Univ., and Seattle Univ.). I’ve heard back from three of them thus far – all have been affirmative (praise the Lord!). Loyola Chicago was one of the first responses I’ve received, and it has since been at the top spot for where I may be heading in approximately four months.

Then Seattle offered me money. And I’m a sucker. Mainly because I will be attending law school entirely on borrowed money. The less debt I am in upon graduation, the easier it would be for me to take up a low-paying public interest job. Additionally, it would be closer to home. In my recent conversation with a friend, I had expressed that though the proximity to home is not my primary selection criteria for a law school, it would definitely be a plus. Lastly, I’d be able to attend a church that I have been a fan of for a long time.

So… Chicago or Seattle? I don’t know. I’m hoping that Boston College will send me an acceptance letter soon so that I don’t have to decide. I think my dog will be more forgiving of my relocation when he learns that I’ll be living in Newton, Massachusetts.

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That’d be me.

All of last week, I operated on a non-human sleeping pattern. I’d stay up all night doing homework, go to school/work around 10 AM, come home and pass out at 5 PM, get up around 11 PM or midnight, stay up all night and continue to do homework, midterm exam, work related reading or writing, etc. And the fact that I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays adds to my weird sleeping pattern.

I have tried with all my might to flip around my sleeping pattern – from that of nocturnal to diurnal. No success. During the daylight hours, I cannot focus well enough that I have trouble getting started let alone making progress on any sort of productive activities. Only after 10 PM can I muster up enough motivation and the courage to sit in front of my desk for a long duration.

It is now weekend. More so, it is Spring Break. And I am stuck with the ungodly sleeping pattern. And I’m blogging at 5:30 AM – not because I got up so early, but because I never went to bed last night. I think I’m going to now. And tomorrow, I am going to pray seriously about a miracle that is needed to change my sleeping pattern. It has got to stop.

It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming

It’s Friday.
Jesus is praying.
Peter’s a sleeping.
Judas is betraying.
But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
Pilate’s struggling.
The council is conspiring.
The crowd is vilifying.
They don’t even know
that Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The disciples are running,
like sheep without a shepherd.
Mary’s crying.
Peter is denying.
But they don’t know
that Sunday’s a comin’.

It’s Friday.
The Romans beat my Jesus.
They robe Him in scarlet.
They crown him with thorns.
But they don’t know
that Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
See Jesus walking to Calvary.
His blood dripping.
His body stumbling.
And His spirit’s burdened.
But you see, it’s only Friday.
Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The world’s winning.
People are sinning.
And evil’s grinning.

It’s Friday.
The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands to the cross.
They nail my Savior’s feet to the cross.
And then they raise Him up next to criminals.

It’s Friday.
But let me tell you something.
Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The disciples are questioning
what has happened to their King.
And the Pharisees are celebrating,
that their scheming has been achieved.
But they don’t know.
It’s only Friday.
Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
He’s hanging on the cross.
Feeling forsaken by His Father.
Left alone and dying.
Can nobody save Him?
O, it’s Friday.
But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.
The earth trembles.
The sky grows dark.
My King yields His spirit.

It’s Friday.
Hope is lost.
Death has won.
Sin has conquered.
And Satan’s just a laughing.

It’s Friday.
Jesus is buried.
A soldier stands guard.
And a rock is rolled into place.
But it’s Friday.
It is only Friday.
Sunday is a comin’!

A powerful, profound, yet simple sermon by S. M. Lockridge.
Visually and aurally augmented by the Igniter Media Group.