9 down, 27 to go…

It’s not about football, so don’t try to figure out how that would work (I don’t think they give out penalty yards in weird increments, so it’s gotta be a sack or a fumble recovery… but I digress…). I’m talking about the number of applications I submitted, and how many I have heard back from. (Oooh… I just ended a sentence with a preposition – such a rebel…)

So far, 7 acceptances (one offer of scholarship), 1 deferred decision, and 1 wait list (which I declined). No “we hate you” letters in the mail yet, but I am certain they are on their way. This waiting game is draining the life out of me by the minute. I obsessively/compulsively check my e-mail and snail mail. I called my sister to check on my mail while I was out of town over the weekend.

When will this misery end…?

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