Why can I not focus?

I must summarize National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in its entirety by 7:00 PM tonight. It is 4:00 AM right now – approximately Hour-5 of my struggle to get my mind on track and get this assignment started.

I have long ways to go, but what am I doing? Blogging. Seriously? What is wrong with me?

The fact that my Internet Explorer is not working properly adds to the distraction. I’m running a full virus scan now to see if there are any serious problems. Crossing fingers… Perhaps this is reason enought to make the anathematic switch to Mac.

It would help if the reading was exciting or remotely interesting. But unlike the pleasure I receive from reading and analyzing case reports, reading Chapter 10 of the “Environmental Law Handbook” cannot be more drudging. I hope this is not indicative of the impending pain in law school…

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