Brevity – Part 2

It is amusing that I have titled this and the previous posts as Brevity only to write one of the longest posts thus far in this blog.

So it took a while for my instructor to get back to me. He is, after all, full-time practicing lawyer, and I decided to cut him a slack for not responding at my earliest convenience. Surprisingly, though, he got back to me as soon as he was off the clock from his day job – at 5:00 PM precisely. At the risk of appearing arrogant, I share with you his response:

You nailed it. A+

Richard Harris

I’ve had my share of good grades on assignments and exams (and plenty of atrocious ones as well). But this one… I think this might have to go on the fridge door gallery. Hehehe… Now, I must confess something here in order to make a point of why I was so delighted to see his response.

Standardized tests and I never have been big friends. Starting from the IQ test I took in third grade to the SAT/ACT and ultimately to the LSAT, I have never been known as a stellar test taker. I protest that I don’t fit in their little boxes, but those boxes seem to matter a whole heck of a lot when it comes to admissions – especially for law school. I, however, am not ashamed of my scores – never have been, never will be- because I have proven those numbers wrong over and again in the long run.

SAT scores said I would be an average college student. I graduated at the top of my class with two honors degrees (I just want all y’all to know that it makes me vomit a little bit to toot my own horn here…). LSAT said that I am no better than the average applicant – a score of 152, equivalent to 53rd percentile – with a slim chance of getting into a school of my choosing. It was going to be a tough one, but I wanted to prove it wrong.

It was a definite surprise when I got the phone call from the dean of admissions at Loyola. I initially thought to myself, “maybe I’m dreaming.” Then I realized the experiment I was running at work indeed was real-life one. The next train of thought was “they must have taken a big gamble with my application.” And the truth finally dawned on me. For the past three months, the bunch of girls I know and love as my small group have been fervently praying for a miracle. And it came to be. God pull some strings for me with the admissions committee. Good to have friends in the Highest of High places. 😉

All along, I had no doubt as to Gods ability to take me where He saw fit (whether it be Loyola or elsewhere), but I was still filled with the disquiet about my own ability to handle the work cut out for me. Hence the hyperventilative post a while ago about preparing for the 1L storm

So we have come full circle to the topic at hand – the reason for my elation over the affirmatory comment from my professor. It wasn’t about the complements; I actually don’t do well with them in social settings anyways. It wasn’t even about getting a good grade in a law class to spite the makers of LSAT. It was the comfort and security in knowing that He who prepares the path for me equips me with the strength as well.

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