Technophobe in Disguise

People tend to think of me as a tech-savvy person. Seriously. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but this preconceived notion against me (and I emphasize “against”) has placed in a dilemma.

Until very recently, I had to keep my blogging on the DL because my page looked so plain, dull, even ascetic. And to a certain degree, it still is. But I couldn’t admit to anyone that I did not know how to make it look better.

Yet I have come a LONG way because I now have been initiated into the world of (some what quaint) HTML. I no longer shy away from those cipher-esque source codes. (Sad reality considering I took a college-level computer science course…)

Granted I am still only an initiate and not a master, but that first step was hardest to take. Perhaps, one day, my page will look spectacular. Oh, who am I kidding… I’m just glad I know how to make links and embed videos for now.

Speaking of which… here’s an amusing clip in light of the American “holiday” quickly approaching us…

If you are interested, all are welcomed to join the Living Stones’ Soup or Bowl Party on Sunday, Feb. 3rd, at 3 PM. Not only will it be good times, but you will have an opportunity to experience the culinary excellence of a master BBQer.


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