Messed UP

Mess up. Screw up. Goof up. Foul up. Botch up. Muck up. If you want to be crass, f*** up.

Ever notice how when people describe a situation involving a mistake the word up appears frequently? Why not down? It would make more sense to use down rather than up. Mistakes usually bring down the morale of people, slow down the process, and break down the trust. Messed down. Screwed down. Sounds weird. Something doesn’t feel right. Why?

Perhap it is because mistakes get a bad rap more then they deserve. Maybe we have not given mistakes a chance to shine. If we build up their self-esteem, worth, and identity, perhaps they can become contributing members of the society. Oh, but they already are.

Our mistakes are who we are. They are what shape our experiences, perspective, and character. They build us up. If we give them a chance.

We have all seen those people who never seem to learn from their mistakes. They drop the ball over and again. They blow off the lesson from their previous bungle and tragically repeat history. We do not wish to be associated or work with these people. God forbid we ever become like those people…

So let us remind ourselves next time we share the stories of our failures that we have messed up, not down. That we have risen only as high as our mistakes are big. That from the state of tableaux rasa we have messed our way up to the enlightened state of maturity and wisdom. That if we never messed up we would never appreciate the heightened value of accomplishments.


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