a nugget of gold in a field of rubbles

So… I have presently decided that blogging is a venturesome addiction. While it can be a tremendously helpful tool for self-examination and reminiscence, it can eat away at your free (and more detrimentally, not free) time like no one’s business.

But I ran into, stumbled upon, chanced across this brilliant piece of writing I felt compelled to archive and share with those who may visit this corner of the web.

I waste a lot of time reading news on the internet. I excuse myself contending that since I do not watch TV, I must keep up on my current events by reading them online. But the problem with online news is what you normally don’t get to do with a dozen sheets drenched in its characteristic smell or a half an hour of your evening over frozen-dinner – clicking on those seductive hyperlinks. And as you next wake, you realize you have spent past two hours reading not only about Clinton versus Obama, but the Hanna Montana sensation, Tom Brady’s ego, and the mortgage crisis as well. With an average of three gazillion articles published online daily, the wealth of distraction is enormous.

So as I was reading about the world’s most hideous looking skyscraper in Pyongyang, I ran across this literary gem. Of all places, of all the news sources, it was hiding in Esquire – a men’s magazine. Who would have thunk that a men’s magazine would have a worthwhile bit of reading?

Apparently Tom Junod regularly churns out excellent work at Esquire. This particular one was on Hilary Clinton, pre-presidential material. Esquire pulled up this article he wrote back in October of 1999 as she launched her senate campaign. It is very sophisticated yet readable, and the amount of parallels you see between 1999 and now is uncanny.

Had I more time, I would go through all of his archive and read more, yet duty calls… I can ignore it only so long.


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