Knowing that I will be an 1L somewhere come August 2008 is an enormous relief. I knew of the 36 applications, at least one school would take me. What I did not expect was a “we like you” from a school that I really wouldn’t mind attending (Loyola Univ, Chicago).

I had set my bar very low so that I would not be terribly disappointed; I did not expect an acceptance from any Tier 1 or even higher end Tier 2 school. I know the numbers are not the only thing that matters, whether it is the schools evaluating me or me deciding which school would be better. But I cannot help but sneak a peak at the rankings, the median LSAT, etc. Such sad reality…

Upon receiving the good news from Loyola, I went ahead and applied to four more top tiered schools with an added boost of self-esteem and confidence. I’m just waiting to see if Loyola was just a fluke or if people really believed me when I told them I’m gonna make a great lawyer.

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